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Community | 06/09/2021

Beauty Bloggers Unite to Bring Social Change

By Anastasia Bezrukova
Minori - Bloc Post

In recent months accountability within the beauty industry has been increasingly driven by very active conversations happening on social media. The continuous rise of platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have made it easier to educate ourselves on the values of our favourite beauty brands and on the way they operate.

Anastasia and the rest of the Minori team have learned immensely from content creators who resolutely continue to drive the conversation towards inclusivity and diversity. These discussions have already had a major impact on the beauty community, and have contributed to shaping the DNA of emerging companies like Minori.


We love how Leah, through her IG content, drives the dialogue around accountability, injustices within the beauty community, but also beyond it. According to her, “inclusivity isn’t just an image, it’s a practice, a priority and certainly isn’t a trend”. She is someone who genuinely wants permanent change, not just a temporary shift in consciousness. We have learned so much not only through her thoughtful content but also through personal discussions with her one-on-one. Her accountability practices transcend into all aspects of her life; she is clearly one to walk-the-talk!


Mar Groot is undoubtedly one of the most vocal accountability bloggers in the beauty community.  She shares her honest experiences of growing up with privilege and continues to be a huge advocate against systemic racism in and out of the beauty world. Her fearlessness in directly reaching out to companies and sharing her experiences with her followers is something we deeply admire. Her three-part blog series on the rise of social beauty is such an impactful read that will change your perspective on the ability of social media to drive this accountability conversation. Check out her blog here:


Nikki Lopez from “theholyglosspel” holds brands accountable through her shade analysis of companies in her “shady series”. She analyzes a shade range using the CEI lab code and determines whether foundation lines cater more towards darker or lighter skin tones. We love how she always keeps it real and how creative her posts are!


Representation from all races and ethnicities is something the beauty industry should continually strive for. Alicia’s content is definitely reflective of these values. Not only that, but we love how she encourages her followers to practice self-love. She continually advocates for others to embrace their natural selves when it comes to aspects such as skin tone, features, and other unique traits. Alicia is someone who uses her platform to not only elevate, but also embrace inclusivity, and we are here for it. 


Sanida is an Australian accountability blogger who’s goal is to try each indigenous Australian beauty brand. We love how she actively shares a diverse variety of brands with her followers, as well as the in-depth research she does on these companies. I especially liked her article focused on the cultural appropriation of the kakadu plum in the beauty industry.  


As we continue to hold beauty brands accountable for issues such as lack of diversity in the workplace and shade range exclusivity, we are thankful for content creators such as little_crusty who uses his platform to highlight other small businesses to support instead. His posts called “accountability dupes” is a truly enjoyable and interactive series that we hope to continue seeing more of. 


Although she is an advocate for the clean beauty industry, Christine is not afraid to voice her opinions on improvements that can be made when it comes to clean beauty.  She shares that she has been “been internalizing these observations for many years” and bravely speaks on topics such as why certain ingredients should not be considered “exotic”, and why companies should more openly incorporate POC when it comes to brand representation.  


Mindful consumption is something that we value at Minori and we can tell Khai does too. She is always practical and honest about the beauty products and companies she chooses to support. Her bio “we are who we buy, consume, follow” is something she tries to practice in everyday life and encourages her followers to do so as well. 

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