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Beauty | 06/09/2021

Luxury Grooming With Well Kept

By Anastasia Bezrukova
Minori - Bloc Post

Shaving is something many of us do on almost a daily basis. Having a razor is a necessity, and the process of grooming yourself is something you have been doing for so many years, it’s become second nature. Unfortunately, many of the industry’s companies do not make it easy for us to be sustainable when it comes to grooming. Razors are almost always made of plastic, and we need to be constantly replacing them to get a hygienic and close shave that’s irritation-free.

Let’s introduce you to well kept, a small Canadian business that wants to elevate your shaving experience by making it not only more sustainable, but more luxurious. Emilie and Natalie, the incredible women behind this great brand, wanted to create “a space where women can not only give themselves the time to enjoy shaving with natural, sustainable, quality products, but also to speak openly about – leg hair, armpit hair, ‘self-care’ myths, plastic waste, cosmetic industry ingredients – things that don’t always meet the norms of the beauty industry”.

At Minori, we love promoting different small businesses that are sustainable and challenging the norms, so when we came across well kept, we just had to get to know them! Read on to find out how you can elevate your grooming and shaving experience.

What inspired you to launch well kept? How big is your team?

We started well kept because we felt women should have an alternative to the hot pink/baby blue plastic razor in their shower. Men had so many options and we felt women should too. Nat and I are were also both re-evaluating our lifestyles and belongings and trying to make better choices for the environment. The safety razor addressed all of the above, so we went with it! We’re a team of 3 at the moment 

Where do you manufacture?

Our razors are manufactured in Ontario, Canada. All other products are made by hand by use in our workshop/warehouse in Vancouver, BC.

Safety razors have been around for a very long time, with mostly men using them. Why haven’t they gotten mainstream with women?

I don’t know! It’s nuts! Well, I do know… The shaving industry has been monopolized by Gillette and Schick for a long time so they got to decide what worked for who. No other reason than that!

A decent plastic razor is still extremely expensive. Do you have stats on how much money women spend in a lifetime on plastic razors? 

Yes–but I won’t get into the details because they vary so much from person to person. I’ll leave you with the fact that you can purchase safety razor blades for as little as $0.10 and multi-blade cartridge blades can range anywhere from $3-7.

Why are plastic razors not recycled enough? 

It’s because of the combination of materials. Different grades of plastic make up razor handles, and the multi-cartridge blades are a mix of plastic and metal. For recycling to work you need to be able to sort/separate the materials and plastic razors make that next to impossible.

How long does a safety razor last? Does it last a lifetime or does it eventually corrode? 

There’s no reason our safety razors wouldn’t last you your lifetime! This would make them no less usable, and you could always have them stripped and refinished. I just don’t want to shout “lasts a lifetime” from the rooftops as I hate false claims and I haven’t had mine for a lifetime, so there’s no way I could honestly say that.

How do you safely dispose of the safety razor blades? Are they recyclable?

Safety razor blades ARE recyclable, but not in your curbside recycling. That’s why we created our blade bank recycling program. Purchase a blade bank from our website, fill it with blades and send it back to us once full. We’ll recycle it in its entirety and send you a new bank free of charge 

What is your favorite part of running Well Kept? 

In a pre-COVID world I would’ve said the people we’ve met, be it other startup founders, the owners of our independent stockist, etc., but that’s not a thing these days… So I’d say maybe knowing that what I’m working on is contributing to a shift in our behaviours and impact. The wellbeing of our environment is really important to me and I’m happy to be helping rather than hurting.

Shaving and grooming doesn’t have to be a boring routine. Well Kept offers a multitude of products that are sure to not only make this process more exciting, but also more sustainable. It’s a win-win!

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